• How to Mic a Room in Stereo: Four Easy Methods

    Welcome to the video version of Notes from the Engine Room. Via my YouTube channel, I'll be regularly sharing tips and advice about subjects related to the recording industry. The inaugural episode demonstrates some of the fundamental techniques for stereo recording to capture a room or ensemble. I explore four types of microphone configurations:

    • Coincident pair (aka X-Y)

    • Near-coincident pair (aka ORTF)

    • Blumlein pair

    • Spaced omni (aka spaced pair or A-B)

    The video starts with some introductory explanation, then moves to demonstration and finally to a montage of the source sounds captured in the demo (in this case, drums). The rig is made up of two AKG 414 mics. Drums are a good instrument to sample with because it gets the whole room ringing. With the drums, you can really get the feel of how the mics capture the stereo essence of the whole room. I recommend that you listen through earbuds or headphones so that you can hear the nuances of different set-ups.

    You can skip forward and back again throughout the video by clicking on the numerous graphic annotations. This will allow you to easily reference and compare set-ups and sounds. One note: the annotations will not show up on tablets or mobile devices, so it's best to watch on your computer if you want to jump around.

    Side-by-side audio comparisons from 18:23 to 19:52

    • Near-coincident pair/X-Y: [18:23-18:37]

    • Coincident pair: [18:38-18:56]

    • Blumlein pair: [18:57-19:18]

    • Spaced omni: [19:19-19:52]

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    Thanks for watching.