• Drum-Recording Seminar Jan. 14: Reserve Your Spot Now

    In this day-long, hands-on seminar, I'll share my approach to getting the most out of a drum kit using minimal equipment. If you're interested in learning how to mic a kit using limited gear and resources, this is for you.

    I'll be demonstrating various tracking methods for one, two, three and four microphones. The microphones used will be the same model, inexpensive and readily available. This seminar is a study and exploration of placement, balance, and polarity/phase adjustment to record a drum set. That's all we'll use. It's an exploration of the technique, not gear. 

    Tickets are $140 and may be purchased through EventBrite. The seminar will be held at Manifold Recording in central North Carolina--just south of Chapel Hill and west of Raleigh. It runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. E-mail me with any questions!