What Clients Say


""Ian is a producer's dream. A first-rate engineer. Always level-headed with a vision for the music he is recording. Roomful’s last two CDs with Ian have been relaxed, productive and very positive. For the band and the producer, that equals time and money saved."

—Chris Vachon, Roomful of Blues

"Ian is a perfect mix of incredible ears, a dedicated work ethic and above all, someone who honors the artistic process."

John Custer, Producer/Musician, John Custer Recording Studios

"I had the pleasure of playing piano and organ on a record that Ian produced and engineered. As a producer, he was a joy to work with—very positive and able to painlessly extract the performance that the song needed. The engineering never got in the way of the music, and the tones he got from the piano and B3 were second to none."

— Jim Crew/CrewCuts

"Ian was not relegated only to the technical aspects of the recording, being a fine musician himself. His opinions were insightful and helpful as we built various parts of the recording on-site. His experience as a drummer in particular came in handy as we decided on the spur of the moment on a detail for the final Dervish that really got me so excited! The presence of a drum in the studio got us onto a discussion of the score, where certain pieces included a part for "daff" or skin-head drum. Ian got on the case, setting up the drum and adjusting the head to get the right sound, placing it in various parts of the room to experiment with perspective and distance. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect addition to our team."

—Pianist Frederic Chiu, on recording Hymns and Dervishes, music by Gurdjieff / De Hartmann, presented in altered tunings imagined by Frederic Chiu.

"He's a Pro Tools master but doesn't overuse it. I'm mostly impressed by the nice warm drum and bass tones he gets."

Evans Nicholson, Drummer/Percussionist, The Letter Jackets

"His knowledge and ability to make my clients sound like they do in their heads is amazing."

— Dave Sperandio, Founder, Diovoce Recording Studio

"It needed to be mixed like a record, which is a special skill that few of us in the audio post world possess. That¹s when we decided to hire Manifold Recording's Grammy®-nominated Chief Engineer, Ian Schreier to do that work. When he sent the tracks back to us, we were all blown away.”

— Jacques Boulanger, dialog and re-recording engineer for documentary film Dear Governor Cuomo

"We brought The Never's "Antarctica" to Ian as a collection of interconnected songs and he created a sonic world where they could exist as a whole. His contribution was that of a fifth band member."

—Will Hackney, Trekky Records

"My favorite thing about Ian is his ability to think about music production at its highest level. This appeals both to the artist in me and the engineer/systems designer. 'What's really going on here?' is a great quesion to ask, not just in getting towards a better result (for the song, for the mix) but also in challenging and improving the methodology in his own, or his clients' or his colleagues' processes for making that thing we all want: great music, experienced greatly."

Eric Hirsh, pianist/composer/producer

"He knows just the right touch to put on every mix and can coax such incredible music from the raw material. He is generous with his time and knowledge, eager to help young, aspiring engineers find their way, and it has been my pleasure to know, learn from and work with Ian."

Carl Taylor, Owner, Liquid 5th Productions

"His thoughts and ideas on song structure and tone made our songs even better, and I doubt you will find anyone who is better at nailing that perfect guitar tone."

—Lenny Terenzi, Guitarist, Mighty Lester & the Blues Kings

"Ian and I broke a Guinness book of world records of how many GREAT mixes you can do on one record. Try 8!!!"

9th Wonder

"I've worked with many top audio professionals and Ian is easily among the best. His attention to detail and engaging demeanor bring a laid-back positivity to every situation."

Greg Elkins, Producer/Engineer/Composer/Mixer at Pershing Hill Sound

"Ian is not only a master of his craft, a wizard at the mixing table, but also an incredibly hard worker. I've collaborated with him on many projects, and there is no one better at working efficiently with your time, explaining what he does as he goes along, and of course providing high-quality engineering."

Pablo Vega, Composer and Lead Sound Designer at Arcen Games

"Ian and I sort of tacitly bonded over a shared perfectionist quality, and that really showed in the precision and detail of his engineering and mixing work."

Laura Tsaggaris, Singer/Songwriter

"Ian understands that mixing is an artform and he pays the attention to the details."

Purple St. James, aka YahZarah

"I don't care what you throw at Ian, when it comes to recording, producing or mixing, he ends up with a great sounding product."

—Rodney Edens, Owner, Stump Sound Recording Studios

"His mixes are bright with a solid low end perfect in today's hip-hop music."   

Black Jeruz, Producer